Our Mind is a Very Precious Gift from God! How can we preserve that gift as we age?


I received a funny book from my sister for Christmas called, God Bless My Senior Moments by Karen O’Connor.  Its a small book with only 138 pages filled with short funny paragraphs such as,”Father God, the dogs are rebelling against the new food. Oh, no wonder! I’ve been feeding them rabbit pellets. How did that happen. Lord, help to be more careful. ” Its a great book to brighten your day.

A book we all need to read when we need a smile.
God Bless My Senior Moments

After reading this book for fun, I was so very thankful that my mind is not yet that scattered at 67.  My greatest fear is not death but that my mind will be that forgetful later on.  I am fiercely independent and so facing years of putting the butter in the bathroom cabinet is a fate worse than death to me.   I want to be alive only if my mind is intact enough to take of myself and my husband.  Many of us facing our senior years feel the same.

I don’t know how I will fare in the next few years but I will do my very best to preserve both my mind and health and my husband’s so that we can remain independent until the end. 

In November we went on a long needed trip to see my youngest daughter and my two almost grown granddaughters in Florida.  We were contemplating giving up on this high maintenance, steep uneven, hilly property, the animals, the garden and moving to Florida in three years. We were considering living with them in their house there.  It did not take long to realize how much we were not ready to give up our different life and cozy space here in Tennessee.  Our 100 pound 9 month old great Pyrenees would not exactly fit in to their small yard.  I love my daughter but we are different enough that the two different lifestyles would not fit together easily.  We came home and talked.  We are for the most part happy in our life. Our retirement income is not quite enough without stringent adherence but it is us. We would rather eat peanut butter sandwiches daily then give up the peace we have here with acres of land around us. We love the ducks despite the work they require to drain their kitty pools of water.  I am not ready and I may never be ready to give up a garden.  So after coming to that conclusion…where is our life to go now? 

A page from God Bless my Senior Moments by Karen O' Connor.
A page from God Bless my Senior Moments by Karen O’ Connor.

Our life now is to willingly stay here and work with all our ability to keep our health and minds so that we can remain here and independent.  We are not ready to move to easier physical circumstances that do not require a mower and lot of hard work in Spring. It is not time to give up the peace of the beauty that surrounds us that includes deer and neighbor free irritation. So its hunker in for the long haul. Its looking at our steep hills as good exercise and saving us from an exercise routine that is boring. I have never been bored a day in my life and that is good.  Thriving for better health and mental health is what needs to be done in every aspect of our life, and we are much more health conscious than most because I am an herbalist.We have not been perfect considering the chocolates I gladly ate during Christmas.  Our diet has not been as good as it should be, although we eat more nutritiously than most.  I need to strive more in the kitchen to say the least.

Our Mind is a Very Precious Gift from God! How can we preserve that gift as we age?

So this year my different blogs will be on many subjects including overall health which affects the mind and memory, the effects of our diet including GMO food and pesticides, the effect of attitude and heart on mental health and memory, herbs and vitamins that both prevent and slow down memory issues and dementia. 

I spent all of December listening to a  practitioner quality course with some 30  hours of seminars on naturally preventing and slowing down memory problems. I want to share this knowledge with you that came from researchers, doctors, and other experts in the field of memory and Alzheimer issues. I look forward to a sharing this information over the next year to help you in your path to stay independent with memory intact. It is important to all of us for now and our future.

Come back each week as I share with you the knowledge of how to keep your brain and thinking clear and your health vibrant.

Signing off, Kate Freer



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